Special K Has Changed, Here’s Why We Did

The world is changing, and so are women — including their relationship with food and nutrition.

Our recent research shows that women want strong foods that provide energy, excite them and fit their dynamic lifestyles. Foods that appeal to all senses; ones with bold color and flavor, tantalizing textures and ingredients they recognize. In other words, women prefer for their calories to count rather than counting calories.

For Special K, this change in women was our motivation — our chance to reflect on our evolving customer, and our own behavior. It also presented us with an opportunity to address this evolving relationship by expressing the positive nutritional benefits of Special K foods.

The tough questions were also asked: What does Special K believe in? How can we be better? How can we authentically support women?

Across the company, the response was unanimous — we wanted to stand for something stronger.

Hence, this article.

We’re using our new website as a chance to share what you can expect to hear, see and taste from Special K in the future. Changing our attitude and, most important, our purpose, isn’t going to be effortless. We have already begun in many of our key markets but this will take time and commitment. While some certainly try, no company or brand can suddenly stand for female strength or jump on the positivity bandwagon. We know that.

Special K must change internally to affect how we impact the world externally. It’s an effort we’ve already started and are eager to continue. We’re redefining our brand philosophy to better support women today — evolving everything we “serve,” from the way we behave to the foods we make.

We’re committed to providing nutrition that fuels women  

In most places around the world, women have moved away from the days of dieting, and view nutrition as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Why wouldn’t we?

Naturally, as a global food brand, the best way for Special K to help is through the actual foods we create — providing energy so women can live the life they want. Our nutrition teams are busy now testing strong recipes and foods — ones with bold colors, flavors and textures — that will help us do just that.

Strong nutrition

Our messages will get stronger too

Our research shows that women believe good nutrition isn’t only important for developing physical strength, but psychological as well.

While there’s not one single definition for this multifaceted nature of inner strength, our research reveals that women believe it’s key to reaching their full potential. In fact, the 6,000 women surveyed consider it as important as happiness in today’s world.

Our mission is clear — help women (and girls) leverage their inner strength by inspiring strong food and lifestyle choices, and championing the causes important to them. Not just in the occasional TV commercial or advertising, but every day. It’s why we’ve launched this editorial site and our new global partnership with Girl Up. These are just a couple of the initiatives that represent how Special K is trying to support women better, and we’re just getting started.

We’ve gotten here because women around the world are changing. It’s an evolution that has inspired a sense of refreshed purpose in our food and our nutritional offering — something we look forward to sharing with you in the years to come.


Edelman Intelligence. Commissioned by Special K, a Kellogg Company Brand. The New Face of Strength. June 2016. The research surveyed over 6,000 women across Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. We spoke to women aged 21-55 via a quantitative online survey fielded between December 2015 and January 2016. Each country sample was nationally representative of the online population.