What She Said: Strong Words from Strong Women We Admire

There is no absence of strong women to admire today. From artists and activists to warriors and writers, countless women weave wise words to elevate fellow females — turning words into motivating mantras and fuel in the face of adversity.

Whether vlogged, blogged, snapped or spoken to crowds, some of our favorite friends and influencers shared stories and statements of strength to celebrate the launch of Special K’s #strongfeedsstrong campaign. Get inspired below!

“The best things in life are unexpected. Sometimes these curveballs can blindside us. Sometimes they can teach us a beautiful lessen about our own inner strength.” Ellie Cole, @elliecoleswim

“I’m thankful for all the struggles that I go through because without them I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.” — Dayana Lizc, @dayanalizc

“I think as women in particular, we tend to compare ourselves with other people, and that includes our struggles. It’s super easy for us to recognize strength in other people but, when it comes to ourselves, we don’t usually think we’re strong. Give yourself the same amount of grace and admiration that you give other people when they’re dealing with something really hard.” — Shawna Howson, @NanaLew

“There will be days when you’ll feel like a complete failure, and you’ll want to give up. Don’t. You need those moments of struggle to come back up.” — Linda Dong, @LeendaDong

“I’m lucky in that I find myself surrounded by strong and empowering women, whether it be at work, or with my friends. I see women do amazing things every day of my life and find that the inner strength they need to take on what they find scary or daunting or simply impossible. Every woman needs a support network to raise them up, to help through the tough times and to share in the good times.” — Clemmie Hopper, @Modaughters

“I know if I have self-confidence I can do pretty much anything I’m asked to do because I can just be present and authentic and in the moment.” — Melissa Maker, @MelissaMaker

“To me, strength is a part of happiness. When I feel strong, when I feel capable, when I feel like I’m pushing through and really conquering something, that makes me feel more fulfilled as a person.” — Shawna Howson, @NanaLew

“You can’t let what other people say determine your future. YOU are the creator of your future and only YOU can hold yourself back.” — Cassey Ho, @Cassey Ho

“You really have to look inside yourself and find your inner strength, and say, “I’m proud of what I am and who I am.” — Dayana Lizc, @dayanalizc