Women Believe Inner Strength is More Important than Beauty

Who doesn’t have moments when your confidence falters or sense of worth weakens? We all do, male or female, and it’s the worst.

This self-doubt is often tied to appearance, likely because society has historically valued physical beauty so heavily — especially for women. Culture championed beauty over brains and, in turn, many young girls and women were taught to value external traits as opposed to internal ones.

But, today, this is starting to change. Research now shows women think inner strength is more important than other (and some might say, superficial) attributes like wealth and beauty. Special K’s own research reveals an impressive 43-pt. gap between the focus on inner strength and physical beauty. High five to us all for that!

In the graph below, see how women today rate other traits as well:

Data | Women Believe Inner Strength is Important



Edelman Intelligence. Commissioned by Special K, a Kellogg Company Brand. The New Face of Strength. June 2016. The research surveyed over 6,000 women across Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. We spoke to women aged 21-55 via a quantitative online survey fielded between December 2015 and January 2016. Each country sample was nationally representative of the online population.