Female Friendship and Good Health May Be BFF

Squad. Crew. Fam. No matter what you call your group of girlfriends, we’re sure they play a very important role in your life. Female friendships are truly priceless… or so we thought!

According to recent research conducted by Special K, 57 percent of women surveyed believe that the support of another woman has helped them succeed in life. Strong friendships can actually help you achieve what you want out of life, and now science suggests there is a relationship between friendships and health.

In a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, more than 2,000 older women were interviewed about the size and closeness of their social networks. They were asked how many people they could rely on for help, how often they were visited, and the number of phone calls and pieces of mail they received from family or friends.

The findings suggest that larger social networks help protect cognitive function among elderly women compared with women with smaller social networks.

As dementia has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales (with around twice as many women than men dying of the brain condition), it’s important to consider the relationship between friendship and good mental health.

So, be thankful for your friends — they have a greater impact on your life than you ever imagined. And now science seems to agree.




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