7 Food Podcasts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

There’s a podcast for every topic or hobby these days, from fitness and finance to fashion. Gastronomy is no exception – food podcasts are definitely on the menu.

Want to whet your audio appetite? Whether for a morning commute or during dinner, here are a few feasts for your ears — podcasts from around the world that focus on food and nutrition, from The Sporkful to Spilled Milk.

We have plenty of podcast crushes, but none of these are affiliated with Special K; we just love their work. Dig in!

1. Radio Cherry Bombe: Cherry Bombe celebrates the boss women of the food industry. Chefs, authors, stylists and more who are trailblazers in the world of food share their stories and experiences. Listen for an empowering eye opener into entrepreneurism in the world of food.

2. Spilled Milk: This bite-sized podcast is hosted by food bloggers Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. By foodies for foodies, the podcast covers everything from canned beans to cheesecake in perfect 20-minute portions.

3. Burnt Toast: Listen to interviews with some of the world’s most famous chefs, food critics and authors, as well as musings on the latest trends and news from the world of food. Emojis, radio jingles and diapers on turkeys are just some of the quirky topics that have been covered in the past, making for fresh, unique and entertaining listening.

7 Food Podcasts that Will Make Your Mouth Water Strong Feeds Strong Special K listen

4. First We Eat: This podcast describes itself as ‘a podcast for food nerds’. The hour-long program goes into the nitty-gritty technical details of food culture. Ever wanted to know how to dry-age meat? What actually is Soylent? What do people actually eat in space? Which foods are considered aphrodisiacs? These questions and more are answered in this eccentric podcast.

5. Fuhmentaboudit!: If you love fermenting, then this is the podcast for you — it features history, methods, recipes and interviews with other fermenters. Who knew that you could ferment rye bread into a nutritious beverage? It turns out that it’s possible to ferment… almost everything. This is not your average food podcast, and definitely one that will leave you with a much deeper knowledge of fermentation.

6. Nutrition Diva: Monica Reinagel, MS,LD/N, CNS is a board-certified, licensed nutritionist, author and professionally trained chef — not to mention host of Nutrition Diva, one of iTunes’ most highly ranked health and fitness podcasts since its debut in 2008. Tune in for her simple take on the latest nutrition research and how it can influence better eating choices.

7. The Sporkful: ‘It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters’ – the Sporkful is an anti-foodie podcast. This show is a cultural and historical tour with food and recipes simultaneously woven in throughout. Some standout episodes include ‘Searching for Rosa Parks’ pancakes’ and ‘Meat Pies on Broadway’ – don’t miss this one.