6 Mind-Body Fitness Trends

Part of being healthy is maintaining a balance in both body and mind, which is why we love workouts that activate both parts.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the exercise options available. No more mindless miles spent on a tredmill tuning out to television. From virtual reality yoga to new fitness monitors, we look at innovative fitness tech trends that are changing the way women workout — merging mindfulness and exercise into one satisfying sweat session.

None of the below fitness trends or studios are affiliated with Special K, so we can’t verify some of the methods used  — we just love supporting strong ideas.

VR fitness: Virtual reality is the next big trend in tech – and it’s taking fitness engagement to the next level. Innovative studios incorporating VR into their workouts include Holodia, a VR fitness software platform with immersive environments that make you feel as if you’re actually rowing down a canal, climbing across snowy mountains or biking through the jungle.

Holodia Fitness

Personalized fitness: Our bodies all work differently, and that includes when we exercise. Companies like DNAFit offer a full genetic analysis that can help you discover how your body metabolizes nutrients, deals with toxins and reacts to different forms of exercise, as well as offering custom recommendations for an exercise regime that is truly made to measure.

A gym that works out as hard as you do: AsphaltGreen’s AG6 workout is just that. Watch the studio itself become ‘your competitor, teammate or target.’ The studio has interactive tech like pressure sensitive walls and floors that combine light and sound to create an immersive (and challenging!) fitness experience.

Stream sweat: Fitness studios are increasingly moving their workouts online and offering classes that can be streamed live or on demand. Studios like Dancebody offer amazing cardio workouts straight to your home television. That’s a trend worth staying home for.

Sensory fitness: Immersive fitness classes that focus on incorporating the senses are quickly becoming one of the biggest fitness trends of 2017. Head to WOOM in New York for a workout that encompasses sound, sight, scent and taste – from beautiful visual installations and aromatherapy to a café that provides complimentary organic ‘elixir shots’ for after your class. Most classes begin with a blindfolded segment to allow you to truly get in touch with your senses.

A workout for body and brain/mindful movement: Kill two birds with one stone by going to one of these high-intensity workouts that train both the body and brain. Equinox’s Headstrong class is specifically designed to put your body and brain to the limit, constantly changing stimuli to improve cognitive function, as well as high-intensity exercises to help improve body fitness and reactivity.